July 2015

Thomas Sports Introduces Wave Breaker™ Racing Lanes

Akron, Ohio. . .Thomas Sports Products, Ltd., makers of products for the competitive swimming industry, has introduced its new Wave Breaker™ Racing Lane.

Wave Breaker™ Racing Lanes offer greater surface area and design features to absorb and dispense wave energy during training and competition.

Each disk in a Wave Breaker™ lane line measures 150mm. The disk is paired with plastic “donuts” strung on a tinted vinyl-coated 3/16” stainless steel cable. The disks that make up Wave Breaker™ rotate independently allowing the swimmer’s wave energy to be absorbed and dispersed along the channel. This feature assures consistent wave quelling from one lane to the next.

Every Wave Breaker™ arrives fully assembled with a stainless steel tension spring at one end and an adjustable tension mechanism at the other end allowing for customized tension.

Wave Breaker™ Racing Lanes meet all standards including FINA, USS, NCAA and NFHS. Lanes ship fully assembled in 60 foot, 75 foot, 25 meter and 50 meter lengths. Special lengths quoted on a per foot basis. Standard colors are red, white, blue, green, orange, yellow and black.

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